Write migration is wasting time. Because every database design was ready, programmers must start to convert database design to code with manual type by keyboard. This is a boring time.

We are in dynobird always work with efficient, we want to remove this step. We try to build dynobird CLI in last month to make this real. Now we release dynobird cli version 0.0.15. This release support some command to generate and import for laravel web framework.

There are two strategies to work with dynobird CLI. Work with existing projects and work with new projects. Dynobird support in both.

  1. work with new project
  2. work with existing project

We are released if there are more than two strategies to implement this method, but we hope both strategies ย can make developer work simple. Feel free to give any criticisms and suggestions to make the developer work better.

1. Work with new project

When working with a new project, use migration:generate if needed to generate migration. This is a very simple way to do it.

Create new project

create new project in dynobird.com
create new project

Make table and relations diagram ย 

canvas design database online dynobird.com
design database

Enable access integration and copy token

access integration in dynobird.com
access integration

Open project and clear all migrations file if exist

dynobird.com laravel migration directory
migration directory laravel

Move to root project directory

laravel root project dynobird.com
laravel root project

Run dynobird migration:generate. If success it will generate migration file in migrations directory like below.

dynobird cli run migration from dynobird.com
dynobird cli run migration

This is generated migration result like this

generated migration from dynobird.com
migration generate result

Don't forget to run migration file with php artisan migrate

run migration from generated by dynbird.com
finish run migration

This is result in database viewer mysql work bench

physical database build by dynobird.com
result in physical database

Change table with add new table driver and it's relation

add new table

Generate new changed database design

generate databse design from dynobird.com
generate migration again

This is result of add new driver table

migraiton file driver table in dynbird.com
migration file for driver table

Run database migration

This is new table driver in physical database

table driver in physical database

2. work in existing project

Work in existing laravel project is tricky. This need import migration from existing project to dynobird.

This ย is existing project in database

Make new blank project

Enable integration and copy token

Run dynobird migration:import for import existing migration to dynobird.com

This is result import existing migration in dynobird.com

Add table to this project

Generate latest deign with dynobird migration:generate

with this command will be generate new migration file.

And this is generated result of latest migration

Run laravel migration with php artisan migrate

This result from effected of latest migration in physical database